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The Type C sold in reasonable quantities and many are still in use.

Its Achilles Heel is the "Transport wheel assembly" which is inclined to collapse when worn.

The Wizard and identical Cadet with a single transport wheel and lightweight tines, were also introduced at this time. The Wizard name had been dropped, the 3hp Cadet gained folding handles and a new model the Spartan, basically a Major with a 5HP engine had been added to the range. In about 1984 Atco took over production when Wolseley decided to concentrate its activities on plumbing and domestic boilers.

Two different Wizards were made, a 5hp version with a heavy angle iron chassis and a 3hp version with a lightweight angle chassis. New handles, chaincase, belt guard, a folded steel chassis and smaller transport wheels altered the look. The Super Major had a reverse drive belt as standard. Wolseley Plc are now the largest plumbing sundries supplier in Europe.

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This proved to be too small for the job and a Briggs & Stratton engine, (as on US machines), was substituted.

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The Professional rotovator was also available which was similar to the later type D Major except for the use of a 2.5 hp Clinton engine.

At some time in the mid 1960s a belt guard was fitted.

The choice of tynes became optional and most customers chose "slasher" tines instead of "finger" tines. In about 1966 new, stronger handles were fitted, now attached to the chaincase by a single bolt, through welded on brackets.

The vintage transport photos in this section of the site are now spread over 18 pages.

Most are black & white or sepia, with just a few being early colour shots.

The engine cowl, by now a complex pressing, did not survive the Atco takeover.

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