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Suddenly, a man who is clearly supposed to be an Apache warrior arrives; graceful in the saddle, black hair tied back, at one with himself and ready for action.

At this moment, you can hear the collective sigh of relief from the Germans who have come to watch this bizarre spectacle in a drizzly north German spa town. From June to September every year Germans flock to Bad Segeberg in Schleswig-Holstein and to Radebeul in Saxony to celebrate the works of Karl May.

And every man aged forty or over has a personal story to tell about the Karl May protagonist.

The locals fear an attack by Silers' gang that wants to free Billy-Bob.

The books were, for three or four or more generations, an introduction to reading for pleasure for German boys, the equivalent of the in 1962 (The Treasure of Silver Lake) and continuing for a dozen more: all drawing in tens of millions of viewers.

How could it be that books on America written by a man who had only been there very late in his life, a fraud and a fantasist, have become something “typisch deutsch”?

This is more than just a re-enactment of the Wild West.

Much of Germany seems to concentrate on dressing up during the summer: there are pirate shows in Rügen and Grevesmühlen, a Roman festival in Xanten and various medieval re-enactments (Ritterfeste).Albert Einstein loved the Karl May stories, so did Kaiser Wilhelm II, Franz Kafka, film-maker Fritz Lang, Hermann Hesse.

There are many things i like to do, to see, and to experience, i like to think, i like to dream, i like to talk, i like to listen, i like to see the sunrise in the..… continue reading »

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Many claim Dallas is not as progressive as other popular African American cities, but it is swiftly growing into a professional African American magnet due to massive opportunity and low cost of living. Seattle, WA: While this city may raise a few doubtful eyebrows, its true, Seattle is definitely a place African-Americans should want to live.… continue reading »

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132 pagesproduction: American Fulbright Scholar Steven Walsh arrives in communist Czechoslovakia in 1989. At first concerned only with his work, Steven becomes drawn into a nation's struggle for freedom. Her quest is to find The Master of her race, but she's losing herself in the process.… continue reading »

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