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23-Dec-2017 18:29

I Can't Stand The Sound began life on the journey between New York and Tennessee in the aftermath of the American election in 2016, the long conversations, the search for conclusions and reasoning in a void of reason. Littered with snapshots from myriad conversations; A Grandmother's warning that ghosts are never as dangerous as humans, talking to a loved one after a terror attack, a fall from a horse, with a hangover whilst reading in the bath and the faceless people who blithely tell you to 'live your dreams' the characters and conversations restlessly change locations and perspectives. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Sav is depressed over his ex—can he get out of his funk?

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Fiona is desperate for romance and crushes hard on a new girl.

You're constantly making trade-offs about who's too tall, too short, too smart and too dumb.