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Quickly people identified it as "spam" and the word caught on. Some people also applied it to individual unwanted ads that weren't posted again and again, though generally it was associated with the massive flood of the same message.

It turns out, however, that the term had been in use for some time before the famous green card flood.

In the sketch, a restaurant serves all its food with lots of spam, and the waitress repeats the word several times in describing how much spam is in the items. Thus the meaning of the term at least: something that keeps repeating and repeating to great annoyance. In April of 1994, the term was not born, but it did jump a great deal in popularity when two lawyers from Phoenix named Canter and Siegel posted a message advertising their fairly useless services in an upcoming U. They had posted their message a few times before, but on April 12, they hired an mercenary programmer to write a simple script to post their ad to every single newsgroup (message board) on USENET, the world's largest online conferencing system.

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One was to flood the computer with so much data as to crash it.When the ability to input a whole file to the chat system was implemented, people would annoy others by dumping the words to the Monty Python Spam Song.