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Creative benefits can attract and retain desirable employees, noted Claire Bissot, HR consulting manager at CBIZ, a provider of business services in Roanoke, VA.But “benefits can often become confusing or imbalanced if what’s offered doesn’t match people’s needs.Consider your environment and understand the benefits that will have the most positive effect,” she advised.By offering the right technology platform to customize and communicate options, employers can do a better job of delivering benefits to their employees, and help the employees find the health plan and other benefits that best suits them. Garnering news coverage Amplify your non-profit in 2017 by increasing brand awareness and news coverage!The Fundraising Authority identifies staying in regular contact with reporters as a great way to boost news coverage.[1] Another strategy is to educate your organization’s leaders and staff about the power of social media. is growing faster than the economy, pharmaceutical costs are growing faster still.

There is typically a wide variance in how employers plan the components of their benefits and communication strategies.(See .) This year, elements that could affect employer sponsored benefits include proposed caps on the tax preference for employer health benefits, limits on the tax preference for retirement plan savings and employer contributions, and expanded health savings accounts.Even though the fate of the proposed is uncertain, it’s still imperative that employers determine who in their workforce could be impacted by the overtime rules, as well as evaluate your States specific laws. Financial wellness programs Wellness programs — and the idea that investing in employees’ social, mental and physical health can deliver solid returns — have been a well-established talent acquisition and retention pillar for quite some time.With the right analytics, HR is moving towards a competitive advantage in providing truly comprehensive, proactive, and holistic approach to benefits.

Key areas of application in HR data analysis include: 9.

The questions SBG set out to answer and the corresponding trends are outlined below: How do people donate?

He was the Head of the Zaporizhzhya Region State Administration and the founder of Zaporizhzhya Regional Independent Media Labor Union. He is the Member of the National Union of Journalists.… continue reading »

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