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Ο σύντροφός σου στο τρέξιμο ή τη γυμναστική, εκείνος που θα σε ακούσει, κάποιος με μια ειλικρινή άποψη ή ο έρωτας της ζωής σου.

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

Some victims have died multiple times, not learning from previous experience. Many belonged to the mysteriously unlucky "Creek" family. Colin Alderman "Barrister Colin Alderman, a solicitor at law" [email protected]@Barlow Robbins LLP 55 Quarry Street, Merseyside Liverpool, L25 6EZ.

Direct Tel: 44 7 Barrister Kelvin [email protected]@Weekon Legal Practitioner & Chamber 1087 Cheang Wattana Road, Nonthanburi, Bangkok, Thailand Email: [email protected] Mark [email protected]@... Mark J Burke was killed by his ex-wife when she discovered that her husband has changed his will including his funds here and estate in favour of his Asian girl friend (Juan Neal) who operated before his death here in Nigeria as a harlot.

Links to scam web pages have been removed and spaces have been added to email addresses to ensure they do not become hyperlinks.

Good day I am attorney Enrique Zachary, I am contacting you again to confirm if you received my previous email regarding your family member inheritance.

Victims' names may belong to real people who probably want them back.

Some names belonged to real people whose tragic deaths were lifted from obituaries.

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In your best interest to avoid mix up of numbers and names of any kind, we request that you keep the entire details of your award strictly from public notice until the process of transferring your claims has been completed, and your funds remitted to your account.

I am currently in a clinic here in London for my care.

The sum of €550.000,00 uros I had guard for a project is now destined to you because I'm searches on you then I'll be rigged to give you the money that you can use in your projects, I beg you to accept this because it is a gift I am and this without asking anything in return.

The content is all the usual stuff we see over and over again.

The following email scams were reported to the Electronic Messaging Compliance team.Executive summary: Travel and banking in West Africa are fatal to imaginary people.

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