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The audience gets an opportunity to vote--via the "Punishment Poll"--for the penalty Sardonicus must pay for his deeds...Of the William Castle films with which I'm familiar, "Sardonicus" is definitely the best.Thank God I didn't see it when it was first released.HERE' S A THOUGHT--- the shot of Sardonicus' father's corpse is so profoundly upsetting (to US as viewers as well as Guy Rolfe in the film)that I don't believe it was designed and created by Castle and his team; I bet anything that they "FARMED OUT" this shot to an effects team in Mexico--where the horror effects artists were FAR better at creating visuals of this sort.THEN THERE IS THE GRAVEYARD SCENE----a masterpiece of its type in the annals of horror films.Acting, direction, cinematography, etc ALL rise to the occasion, with the shocking revelation within the coffin and the psychological dimension of its effect on Marek/Sardonicus producing a scene which is as horrifying and disturbing as it is memorable; it's impossible to describe--you simply have to see it yourself.The final shot of the coffin lid opening (all the more creepy since it appears to open BY ITSELF)is interesting; if you look closely, you will notice that this is a DIFFERENT coffin lid than the one in the previous shots; the pattern of dirt and mold is different, as are the seams between the wooden planks.

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Ray Russell's plotting and dialog are pretty high quality stuff, and some of the conversations have an almost poetic quality, especially in the scenes between Guy Rolfe and Ronald Lewis. (Ass Money) / Stig / Stockbroker / Store Santa / Strip Club Announcer / Strongman / Student / Student #1 / Studio Store Clerk / Sub Delivery Man / Suicide Notes Clerk / Sulu / Sun / Surgery Audience / Surly / Surly Duff / Sven Golly / Sycophantic German Instructor / T-Shirt Vendor #2 / T. / TV Chief / TV Homer Simpson / TV Repair Man / TV Salesman / TV Voice #1 / TV Voice #2 / Taco Vendor / Talking Frog / Tall Man in the Audience / Tank Driver / Tape Voice / Taxi Driver / Tea-Drinking Man / Teacher / Technician #1 / Teen / Teen #1 / Teen #6 / Teenager boy / Tenant / Tennessee Ernie Ford / Terence the Zombie / Texan Clown Student #1 / Thai man / The Bore Ax / The Chief / The Collider / The Commandant / The Fracker / The Leader / The New Guy / The Parson / Third Man / Ticket Clerk / Ticket Vendor / Tim Taylor / Timmy's Baby Teeth Vendor / Tito / Tom Turkey / Tooth Chipper Operator / Tour Guide #1 / Tow Truck Driver #1 / Tow Truck Driver #2 / Trailer Announcer / Train Announcer / Train Engineer / Translator / Trapped Teacher #1 / Treadmill Salesman / Trent Steele / Tribal Chief / Tribal Leader / Troll / Trucker #4 / Trucker #6 / Turbo Diary / Turkish Freighter / Turkish Man #2 / Turtle Masseur / U.

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